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iPad2 Announced. More Power.

Though it appears that the screen resolution of our favourite iOS device won’t change, the horsepower behind the screen sure will.

According to the images presented by Steve Jobs in today’s iPad2 announcement, the unit will feature:

  • Dual-core processors
  • Up to 2x faster CPU
  • Up to 9x faster graphics
  • New A5 chip
  • Same low power as A4 chip
  • First dual core tablet to ship in volume

As well, it’ll be thinner, lighter, and available in white. Oh, and it has cameras. 2 of them. No excuse for missing that shot if you have your iPad2 with you then.

What this means for many iPad Darkroom apps and users is that whatever apps you use in your digital darkroom, expect them to get enhancements soon to take advantage of the new horsepower in the new hardware. Not sure how this will impact upgraded apps on iPad1 hardware. Time will tell.




Digital Images – Digital Darkroom – Part two

Earlier this week I started this series by looking at my digital photography workflow as applied to image acquisition (taking the picture). Today I’m going to look at what I do with the image in my mobile photo studio, my iPad Darkroom, if you will.

I’ve got the image, now what?
Taking the photo is just the starting point. Once you have a neat image, you can easily make it stronger by carefully applying modern digital darkroom techniques.

In my case, I shoot on a Digital SLR (Panasonic Lumix FZ-30), or a Canon Powershot Point-and-shoot.

On the FZ-30, I shoot RAW+jpg, which potentially gives me the most digital information to work with in the digital darkroom. The Canon gives me .jpg so I have to take what I can get.

I say potentially because currently, only a few apps support (or are planning to support) RAW. Editing a .jpg is adequate, but not optimal.
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Exhibit: The Art of iPhone Photography

Think your iPhone or iOS device images are ready for the big time? The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art is looking for a few good shots — for their upcoming exhibit.

Call for submissions:
Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography exhibition.

An open call for iPhonographic art to be exhibited at
the Orange County Center For Contemporary Art.

is hosting a call for iPhone-based Photography.

All photos MUST be shot with and processed using an Apple iPhone.
No computer-based processing allowed.
Any model of the iPhone may be used.

Winning entries will be printed and exhibited in a month-long exhibition.

Jurors: Knox Bronson and Jeff T. Alu, Daniel Berman, and Maia Panos

To Enter, visit http://www.facebook.com/l/3d822sQbIDCOGeq98A07wU-PIFw;pixelsatanexhibition.com/occca-guidelines/

FX Photo Studio HD ‘develops’

fx_logo.jpgSorry, couldn’t resist the pun.

Earlier today the much awaited update to FX Photo Studio HD was released in the Apple app store.

FX Photo Studio HD is an enhanced and iPad optimized version of FX Photo Studio (for iPhone and iPod Touch) which I’d written about previously.

A few of the features added in this update that I really like are:

  • The ability to save your image edits and effect modifications as presets which you can then share with other FX Photo Studio HD users. This also means you can import their cool presets and apply them to your photos.
  • Social Network sharing now includes Tumblr – which many people use as a photoblog
  • Printing from the iPad – a potentially cool feature that I’ve yet to try — I haven’t had the update long enough to get near my home printer :smileyhappy:

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