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A Photo Project, An Update, and a Contest?

Earlier today the folks behind one of my favourite iOS digital darkroom apps (FX Photo Studio) announced a great new collaborative photography app and project, in the form of a contest:

As a gesture of appreciation to its loyal fans, MacPhun is also developing the first ever jointly collaborated, free standalone wallpaper app that will showcase user-submitted photographs edited with FX Photo Studio and other photography iOS apps. With MacPhun’s support, the app will provide the ideal platform for aspiring artists and photographers to gain increased exposure for their work. To kick off the submission process, MacPhun will be holding a two month promotion on their Facebook page. Prizes include iTunes gift cards, photo printing gift vouchers and much more. For more information on this contest, please visit: http://www.macphun.com/photoproject/

To help kick off this great idea, FX Photo Studio & FX Photo Studio HD have been updated to iOS 4.3 and now include a new filter category, Sketches:

MacPhun has collaborated with established artists from North America and Europe to create a new “sketches” category. The newly added category consists of six cartoon-styled filters providing users with a total of 187 filters to mix, match and share with friends. The addition of more precise tuning controls for contrasting, adjusting hues and sharpening filters, provide even more unequivocal tools to users, making one of the most useful image editing apps on the market, even better.

And to make it even easier for new iPhone and iPad2 photographers, FX Photo Studio and FX Photo Studio HD will both be discounted to $0.99 and $1.99, respectively, for a very limited time.

How did National Geographic get those great shots?

I’ve always been a fan of National Geographic’s photography — and how could you not be? The National Geographic Society photographers have produced some of the best images of the last century.

And now, you can learn how National Geographic photographers get their shots with a new photo-magazine app, 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

Some of the more interesting features of the app include:

  • Learn the stories behind these iconic photographs from the photographers themselves, and see videos explaining how they captured their shots.
  • See the sequence of images made by the photographers in the field, and find out just how the “perfect shot” happened.
  • Share National Geographic’s 50 Greatest Photographs with your friends through email and Facebook.
  • Connect with National Geographic magazine’s community by viewing our top user-submitted photographs or submitting your best photographs.
  • National Geographic magazine attracts the world’s finest photographers. Here is your chance to learn more about them.

Well worth the addition to your iPad Darkroom library. Obviously, this app excels on the larger display of the iPad — it’s not available for iPod Touch or iPhone.
In the App Store – $4.99.

New App: Memory of Colors

I’ve been a fan of the World Heritage Sites iPad app for a while, simply for the quality of images at Heritage Site locations.

Memory of Colors isn’t really an app that you use to tweak or modify images on your iPad, rather it’s an app that captures my attention and inspires creativity while looking at endangered cultures throughout the world.

Memory of colors features a rich collection of portraits that provide a look at humanity’s fragile diversity in over 18 countries, from Algeria to Yemen. Assembled in an infinite color palette, where each color represents a facet of human culture, the portraits bring a message of peace, tolerance and respect for those that are being threatened by globalization.

The masterpiece created by photographer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel took over 12 years to complete, and required a colossal amount of research, logistics, and diplomacy. “I set out to preserve the beauty of these people before it’s too late, and create a pause in time and space to capture this world’s last authentic images,” said Jaime O’Campo-Rangel. The project was first exhibited at UNESCO’s headquarters in 2010.

And there’s a supporting video too:

Memory of Colors is available in the app store at a launch price of .99 for one week — normally $2.99.