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Fast and free Photoshop Express app gets an update


I’m a big fan of Adobe’s Photoshop Express as an online service.

Basically it’s a free online image organizer / storage box and a collection of robust image editing tools (Similar to Flickr and Picasa).

But where Adobe’s tried to differentiate Photoshop Express from the competition is by also releasing a free and powerful Photoshop Express iOS image capture and editing app that ties into the Photoshop Express online service.

Image 2011316123917.jpgAnd now with this latest update, there’s more focus (sorry) on the camera workflow side of things, which includes an in-app purchase of the Adobe Camera Pack:

  • New Camera workflow for rapid in-app photo-taking
  • In-App Purchase of Adobe Camera Pack: Reduce Noise, Self Timer, and Auto Review
  • Full Retina Display Support
  • Multi-Tasking Support

Nice to see some of these features bundled in, and optional — buy ’em if you need ’em — otherwise you’ve still got access to a good set of image capture, editing and sharing tools, for free.
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New App: Memory of Colors

I’ve been a fan of the World Heritage Sites iPad app for a while, simply for the quality of images at Heritage Site locations.

Memory of Colors isn’t really an app that you use to tweak or modify images on your iPad, rather it’s an app that captures my attention and inspires creativity while looking at endangered cultures throughout the world.

Memory of colors features a rich collection of portraits that provide a look at humanity’s fragile diversity in over 18 countries, from Algeria to Yemen. Assembled in an infinite color palette, where each color represents a facet of human culture, the portraits bring a message of peace, tolerance and respect for those that are being threatened by globalization.

The masterpiece created by photographer Jaime Ocampo-Rangel took over 12 years to complete, and required a colossal amount of research, logistics, and diplomacy. “I set out to preserve the beauty of these people before it’s too late, and create a pause in time and space to capture this world’s last authentic images,” said Jaime O’Campo-Rangel. The project was first exhibited at UNESCO’s headquarters in 2010.

And there’s a supporting video too:

Memory of Colors is available in the app store at a launch price of .99 for one week — normally $2.99.

Camera+ gets an update too

It  must be update day for the iOS photo app developers. Not only did FX Photo Studio HD get an update to day, so did Camera+

This is a very cool camera app for iPhone, though you can use it on the iPad for image editing and sharing. One of the neatest features on the iPhone is the ability to specify the zone where the light meter will read, separate from the zone where the auto-focus will read.

Here’s what’s new (from the developers):

Camera+ 2.1: Performance, stability, and robustness, oh my!

For Camera+ 2.0, we added over 50 awesome, new features]. For version 2.1, we’ve switched gears and worked hard to make the overall experience of using the app much more pleasurable. We made a whole bunch of speed improvements so everything feels zippier. We fixed many niggling bugs so the app now has a much more solid feel to it. And we added many little features and user interface improvements so that it’s much more intuitive and more of a delight to use.
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Hello World

iPad Darkroom Icons Header (480px)

Welcome to iPad Darkroom — my new blog highlighting apps, tools, and techniques for using Apple’s iPad as a mobile digital darkroom. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but things will fill out over the next few days.

As you will see by scrolling through some of the posts here already, this will be a fairly focused blog.

But I will, on occasion, profile other news or items of interest to anyone using the iPad for digital photography post production. Though if the much rumored iPad 2 ships with a camera, this will change 🙂

Did you say contest?
Actually I didn’t, but that won’t stop me from having one!

My good friends at MacPhun have graciously provided me with a few codes to two great apps I use in my iPad Darkroom — Photo Pal and the recently updated FX Photo Studio HD. More details on the contest here.

My blog is your blog
So, I’ve laid the groundwork for this exploration into mobile digital darkroom tech. What should we talk about? What do you want to see here? Let me know, and if you’ve got some apps you’d like me to look at or share with others, please feel free to comment or ping me directly using the Contact page.