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Hello World

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Wel­come to iPad Dark­room — my new blog high­light­ing apps, tools, and tech­niques for using Apple’s iPad as a mobile dig­i­tal dark­room. It’s still a lit­tle rough around the edges, but things will fill out over the next few days.

As you will see by scrolling through some of the posts here already, this will be a fair­ly focused blog.

But I will, on occa­sion, pro­file oth­er news or items of inter­est to any­one using the iPad for dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phy post pro­duc­tion. Though if the much rumored iPad 2 ships with a cam­era, this will change 🙂

Did you say con­test?
Actu­al­ly I did­n’t, but that won’t stop me from hav­ing one!

My good friends at Mac­Phun have gra­cious­ly pro­vid­ed me with a few codes to two great apps I use in my iPad Dark­room — Pho­to Pal and the recent­ly updat­ed FX Pho­to Stu­dio HD. More details on the con­test here.

My blog is your blog
So, I’ve laid the ground­work for this explo­ration into mobile dig­i­tal dark­room tech. What should we talk about? What do you want to see here? Let me know, and if you’ve got some apps you’d like me to look at or share with oth­ers, please feel free to com­ment or ping me direct­ly using the Con­tact page.