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Unleash your inner Spielberg


I’m sure all of us have, at one point or another, dreamed of releasing that movie director deep inside, and making our own movie, complete with music and special effects.

Well, if your dream is to make one that hearkens back to the golden days of silent cinema, then I’ve got an inexpensive app for you.

Silent Film Director, released today, can help you make movies in a style reminensent of the classic Hollywood silver screen.

It’s a very slick app that lets you shoot, edit and share movies on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (in Universal mode). Continue reading Unleash your inner Spielberg

Your ‘fridge as an art gallery

sg4.jpgSo you’ve been playing around in your digital darkroom on your camera-equipped iDevice or Android or Windows7 Mobile, or Palm Pre, and you’re wanting to get your images out of the digital dungeon and into the Real World(tm).

What’s a body to do?
Well, soon you’ll be able to transform those images or the ones you’re really, REALLY proud of anyway, into the hallmark of honoured hubris, the mighty Fridge Magnet, courtesy of the fine folk at StickyGram.

Currently the site is in closed beta, but if these few images (and the one on their tumblr blog are any indication, soon fridges around the world will be adorned with custom printed photo magnets of ‘grammed images.

Now they’re also running an interesting closed beta — follow them, tweet about them, and get your friends to use a custom link, and you’ll be bumped closer to the head of the queue of beta invites.





Cool looking concept that could, I say could, help you manage the generic sets of magnets we all seem to acquire on our fridges. I’ll be watching for this, as my fridge, needs more ‘fine art’!

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FX Photo Studio HD ‘develops’

fx_logo.jpgSorry, couldn’t resist the pun.

Earlier today the much awaited update to FX Photo Studio HD was released in the Apple app store.

FX Photo Studio HD is an enhanced and iPad optimized version of FX Photo Studio (for iPhone and iPod Touch) which I’d written about previously.

A few of the features added in this update that I really like are:

  • The ability to save your image edits and effect modifications as presets which you can then share with other FX Photo Studio HD users. This also means you can import their cool presets and apply them to your photos.
  • Social Network sharing now includes Tumblr – which many people use as a photoblog
  • Printing from the iPad – a potentially cool feature that I’ve yet to try — I haven’t had the update long enough to get near my home printer :smileyhappy:

mzl.bditlkii.480x480-75.jpg Continue reading FX Photo Studio HD ‘develops’