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Lahaina, Maui. 2010.

Lahaina, Maui. 2010.

The original unedited image came up on my desktop background today. It was washed out and kinda poor.

Then I realized that it could, with a little work in a few apps, turn into a reasonable image. I like it.

I used Snapseed to adjust the colour / saturation and reduce the haze. And crop. Then off to Brushstroke to work on the treatment.

Inverted Tranny

Inverted Tranny

Not sure which app I used to invert it, was white skeleton on a stark back blackground. Maybe WaterLogue… Then processed it through Repix. Either way, I love the effect.

Here’s the original:

My what Big Teeth you have

Some recent work – interpreting The Long Dark

It’s been a while since I shared my recent work here — my bad. But here’s and update:

The Long Dark
Mystery Lake cabins from The Long Dark

There’s a lot of time and effort spent making video games look good. I often take screen shots of the scenes I like. Then I start to play with them – in this case importing the image from my PC to my iPad, then running it through Waterlogue.

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Waterlogued makes art from your art

Waterlogue is a very cool iPad / iPhone app that basically a watercolour filter for your images. And it works very very nicely!

I crawled through my image archive and grabbed a few good shots, and some OK shots, and I really like the way they turned out.

As well, I thought I’d just try taking a picture of the floor, and even it looked better.

I can see that I’ll be using Waterlogue more often in my images… not so much as a final filter but rather as one element I can apply as I fine-tune the shot. Another tool in the digital camera bag.

Curently Waterlogue is $2.99 in the App Store.