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Kodak All-in-One is awesome asset in the digital darkroom

“Man that sucker’s huge”, was my first thought as I unboxed Kodak’s new flagship All-In-One photo printer. But that stands to reason, as the Kodak ESP 9250 All-in One Printer (henceforth known as ‘the 9250’ or ‘Kodak Unit’), does a lot more than just print.


And that’s why it’s so hard to write about these Swiss army knife computing appliances — there’s so much that you’d use regularly (printing, scanning, copying), and the other things that you’d never use. In my case, it’ FAX — I don’t use it so I’m not going to talk about it :smileyhappy:

For my use case (sorry, had to work in a buzzword), digital photography hobbiest, I mostly print text and photos. I enjoy using a darkroom that’s no longer in the dark, and also not wet :smileyhappy:

So to be looking at photo creation hardware from a company long associated with old-school film photography was a treat. I was looking for (and found) a serious dedication to paper and ink that I’ve not seen often in other makes of printers. Continue reading Kodak All-in-One is awesome asset in the digital darkroom

3 Awesome Photo apps for your iPad


Now I know what you’re thinking — Brad, the iPad doesn’t have a camera so why would I want photography apps on it.

Here’s three of many photo apps I use most regularly on my iPad — starting off with an offering from Adobe, the Photoshop people.

To illustrate, I’ve used an image I captured this morning on my wife’s iPhone4, which I then uploaded to Flickr and then downloaded to my iPad and processed. Continue reading 3 Awesome Photo apps for your iPad