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Lahaina, Maui. 2010.

Lahaina, Maui. 2010.

The original unedited image came up on my desktop background today. It was washed out and kinda poor.

Then I realized that it could, with a little work in a few apps, turn into a reasonable image. I like it.

I used Snapseed to adjust the colour / saturation and reduce the haze. And crop. Then off to Brushstroke to work on the treatment.

Currently Free: Highly Functional iOS Photography App Handy Photo (and two others)

Handy Photo on the App Store on iTunes

If you follow app pricing and apps Apple features on the iTunes iOS App Store, you’ll have noticed that this week Apple is making ProCam XL free. Very cool. Very functional.


Also free, for today anyway, is Handy Photo, an app with a very slick interface and easy user experience I find reminiscent of Google’s Snapseed — also free.

So, then, here it is, three free and very good photo editing apps. Enjoy!