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The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!

First Camera - GAF L-17
Some good points here, but one quibble — I tend to make ‘screen saver’ links and lists to images I want to display and share. Digital devices are everywhere now so my favourite shots are now on my thermostat, kitchen Apple TV, computer backgrounds, Tablet backgrounds, etc.

The sad part is that few of these photographs will survive beyond a year. To many people, a “picture” is only good for the moment. Moms and Dads want to snap every little movement of that new baby. Grandma wants to see everyone one of those too. When you want to show off the new puppy, you pull out the phone. And in a week, none of them have any real meaning and might even get “deleted” just to make room for more pictures that have little meaning as well inside of a couple of weeks.So what will become of all the pictures that are being taken today? Here is the reason that 99% of the photographs being taken today are soon going to be totally gone – digital images are no longer important enough to most people to actually keep them in printed form!

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Currently Free: Highly Functional iOS Photography App Handy Photo (and two others)

Handy Photo on the App Store on iTunes

If you follow app pricing and apps Apple features on the iTunes iOS App Store, you’ll have noticed that this week Apple is making ProCam XL free. Very cool. Very functional.


Also free, for today anyway, is Handy Photo, an app with a very slick interface and easy user experience I find reminiscent of Google’s Snapseed — also free.

So, then, here it is, three free and very good photo editing apps. Enjoy!

Always carry your camera

Always carry your camera - ShootTokyo

Advice from a great:

His point is a great one.  If you are only shooting when you plan to shoot you end up bring far too much stuff with you.  You end up bringing a couple of extra lenses, maybe you should include a flash, what about a tripod, etc.   By the time you are done you have way too much gear.  Don’t making taking photos too hard.  Always carry your camera with you and shoot what is in front of you.

via Always carry your camera – ShootTokyo.