The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years!

First Camera - GAF L-17
Some good points here, but one quib­ble — I tend to make ‘screen saver’ links and lists to images I want to dis­play and share. Dig­i­tal devices are every­where now so my favourite shots are now on my ther­mo­stat, kitchen Apple TV, com­put­er back­grounds, Tablet back­grounds, etc.

The sad part is that few of these pho­tographs will sur­vive beyond a year. To many peo­ple, a “pic­ture” is only good for the moment. Moms and Dads want to snap every lit­tle move­ment of that new baby. Grand­ma wants to see every­one one of those too. When you want to show off the new pup­py, you pull out the phone. And in a week, none of them have any real mean­ing and might even get “delet­ed” just to make room for more pic­tures that have lit­tle mean­ing as well inside of a cou­ple of weeks.So what will become of all the pic­tures that are being tak­en today? Here is the rea­son that 99% of the pho­tographs being tak­en today are soon going to be total­ly gone – dig­i­tal images are no longer impor­tant enough to most peo­ple to actu­al­ly keep them in print­ed form!

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