Some recent work — interpreting The Long Dark

It’s been a while since I shared my recent work here — my bad. But here’s and update:

The Long Dark
Mys­tery Lake cab­ins from The Long Dark

There’s a lot of time and effort spent mak­ing video games look good. I often take screen shots of the scenes I like. Then I start to play with them — in this case import­ing the image from my PC to my iPad, then run­ning it through Water­logue.

Cold & Starving
Vinyl­ized Mys­tery Lake image.

Not con­tent to leave well enough alone, I envi­sioned what I thought the sound­track album could look like — if it was released in the ‘70s on vinyl. A cool iPhone app called Vinyl­ize Me pro­vides the effects.

Sunset on the Long Dark
Glaze gave the image the look of an oil paint­ing.

And final­ly, took that same image and want­ed an oil-like treat­ment. Some tun­ing with Glaze in the iPad ren­dered this.