Some recent work – interpreting The Long Dark

It’s been a while since I shared my recent work here — my bad. But here’s and update:

The Long Dark
Mystery Lake cabins from The Long Dark

There’s a lot of time and effort spent making video games look good. I often take screen shots of the scenes I like. Then I start to play with them – in this case importing the image from my PC to my iPad, then running it through Waterlogue.

Cold & Starving
Vinylized Mystery Lake image.

Not content to leave well enough alone, I envisioned what I thought the soundtrack album could look like – if it was released in the ’70s on vinyl. A cool iPhone app called Vinylize Me provides the effects.

Sunset on the Long Dark
Glaze gave the image the look of an oil painting.

And finally, took that same image and wanted an oil-like treatment. Some tuning with Glaze in the iPad rendered this.