The best thing about a birthday is the presents


I’ve written before about Silent Film Director for iOS – a cool movie shooting and editing app – and I’m  writing again about it today is because today, for today only, it’s free (and you know how I’m all about the Free).

Silent Film Director is, to quote the developer, “…a much enhanced version of Vintage Video Maker (MacPhun’s award winning video app). Silent Film Director offers new features and improved functionality; it also has a different design and enhanced UI.”

Happy Birthday Marilyn
And the reason it’s free today, is the developers wanted to celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. Now she wasn’t exactly a silent film star as Mary Pickford was, but what the heck, an excuse to get a free and highly useful app is fine by me.


What it does
Silent Film Director is really an innovative app that lets you capture and post process your video and create Silent and Vintage films with customizable sound, video speed, title cards, transitions, etc.

Available in two modes, Standard and Pro, the difference is in the amount of features you get to post process (the effects you apply after shooting the video), such as adding sound, customize speed and quality of the video, adding special transitions and title cards, etc. The app comes standard from the iTunes store, and you upgrade to Pro with an in-app purchase ($.99).

And since summer’s coming, grabbing and using Silent Film Director with your kids could be a very neat way to create and capture some unique family memories.

Fun and free, how can you lose?

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