iPad Photography at Quora

A lit­tle while ago I opened up the iPad Pho­tog­ra­phy cat­e­go­ry on Quo­ra, and it’s received a small bit of atten­tion up to now.

As the March 11th release date of iPad2 gets near­er, I’m think­ing there’ll be a bit more activ­i­ty — espe­cial­ly as peo­ple fig­ure out new ways to take pho­tos with an 8x10 slab of glass and met­al 🙂

Here’s a brief sum­ma­ry of the cur­rent con­tent:

Head on over to Quo­ra to check out the ques­tions, or pose your own! I’ve got a ques­tion RSS feed wid­get in the side­bar to help keep it orga­nized here, but as the cat­e­go­ry grows, I’ll recon­fig­ure that into its own page.