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I’m in the middle of a two part series on my digital photography and iPad Darkroom workflow over at the Future Shop tech blog. While I think I have a pretty good digital workflow that encompasses my iPad, I’m thinking that there are probably other very excellent workflow ideas out there.

So, to entice some feedback and learn from you a bit, I thought I’d offer out a few prizes from our fine friends at MacPhun, a few download codes to Photo Pal and FX Photo Studio HD.

How to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below,  on this post, describing your digital darkroom photo workflow on your iPad. Or if you don’t have one yet, describe how you think you’d use a ditital darkroom on your iPad.
  2. Note which app you would like to win, should your entry be selected (iPhone, iPad, Doesn’t matter)
  3. Winners will be selected based on entirely arbitrary criteria I’ve not established yet 🙂 Make your submission  interesting and / or informative and you’ll have a better chance at collecting one of these sweet apps.

Important Stuff:

  1. Contest ends Thursday February 17th at Midnight MDT. Winners will be selected and contacted via email on Friday February 18th.
  2. One comment / entry per person. Duplicates will disqualify all entries by that person.
  3. Feel free to promote, facebook and tweet about this contest, it could help your chances 🙂

There, that wasn’t too hard was it? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “First Contest – Exploring Workflow”

  1. I’m just a “hobbyist” but love taking photos – particularly live event/candid photos – whether it’s at a convention, a circus, a concert or just around town. Often times these are out of town, or have some “downtime” that could be spent editing photos if you had a laptop. The problem is that carrying a laptop can be bulky, heavy and a bit overkill if you just wanted to do some quick edits.

    Since getting the iPad, I bring it with me nearly everywhere – whenever I have a few minutes to spare, I can quickly download my RAW photos using the camera kit, import them into a number of apps and even upload them to Flickr all while “on the go.” A lot of the apps out there are VERY full-featured, especially considering the low price. FilterStorm(and Pro), PhotoPad, Photoshop Express.. and then of course the ‘filters’ and effects apps like Plastic Bullet, PictureShow, Tiffen’s Photo FX Ultra, Tiltshiftgen and Lensflare HD. For $20, you can have a huge selection of tools at your fingers that would otherwise require an expensive desktop application. While they’re not quite a replacement for Photoshop and Lightroom, they’re VERY good for those times when you just don’t have access to those other applications.

    At Comic-Con 2010, I was able to take photos, edit them and have them online in minutes while waiting in line.. a task that otherwise would normally have me just waiting in line and have to deal with editing at the end of the day.

    I’d love to try the FX Photo Stu­dio HD app – it’s one of the “FX” apps I haven’t had a chance to use.

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for dropping by and sharing how you use your iPad while on the go. I envy you the Comic-Con — those look like fun!

      Stay tuned, the contest ends tomorrow and so far, you’re in line for a prize 🙂

      — Brad

      1. Sweet! 🙂

        I love the idea for the site (and have added it to my feed) – there are a number of iphone “photo editing” blogs out there, but most focus on iPhone-specific apps that use the built-in camera, not so much bringing in your own photos (from a DSLR or other camera) or just a quick overview of some of the apps, so I look forward to seeing more about what’s out there

        1. Thanks Mike, yeah, having the image acquisition side covered is one thing, but doing things with the image after you’ve got it is what I’m interested in.

          Lots of cool things out there, so I hope I’ll have plenty to talk about

          Oh, check your email 🙂

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