Camera+ gets an update too

It  must be update day for the iOS pho­to app devel­op­ers. Not only did FX Pho­to Stu­dio HD get an update to day, so did Cam­era+

This is a very cool cam­era app for iPhone, though you can use it on the iPad for image edit­ing and shar­ing. One of the neat­est fea­tures on the iPhone is the abil­i­ty to spec­i­fy the zone where the light meter will read, sep­a­rate from the zone where the auto-focus will read.

Here’s what’s new (from the devel­op­ers):

Cam­era+ 2.1: Per­for­mance, sta­bil­i­ty, and robust­ness, oh my!

For Cam­era+ 2.0, we added over 50 awe­some, new fea­tures]. For ver­sion 2.1, we’ve switched gears and worked hard to make the over­all expe­ri­ence of using the app much more plea­sur­able. We made a whole bunch of speed improve­ments so every­thing feels zip­pi­er. We fixed many nig­gling bugs so the app now has a much more sol­id feel to it. And we added many lit­tle fea­tures and user inter­face improve­ments so that it’s much more intu­itive and more of a delight to use.

One thing we didn’t focus on for 2.1 is any rev­o­lu­tion­ary, new fea­tures. But you’ll def­i­nite­ly want to come back soon for ver­sion 2.2. That’s all we’ll say about this for now. 😉

What’s new
1. PERFORMANCE!! Many areas of the app have been sig­nif­i­cant­ly opti­mized, espe­cial­ly effects pro­cess­ing. You’ll see vast improve­ments when try­ing out the dif­fer­ent effects/borders and when saving/sharing pho­tos that have effects applied.
2. MOAR CAMERA BUTTON!! We’ve added sev­er­al more instances of the cam­era but­ton so that you can instant­ly get to shoot­ing from almost any­where in the app.
3. We’ve changed the icon for mul­ti-select so that it’s at least 473% more under­stand­able. Yes, it’s incon­sis­tent with what Apple does in the Pho­tos app, but it actu­al­ly makes sense now. You’re wel­come.
4. You can now choose the order which your pho­tos will be shared.
5. We’ve added options so that you can have your pho­tos auto­mat­i­cal­ly saved to your Cam­era Roll as you shoot them.
6. The usabil­i­ty of the Info pan­el has been sub­stan­tial­ly improved and is now much more con­sis­tent with the rest of the Light­box (ok, ok… we moved a cou­ple of but­tons, but we promise that you’ll quick­ly adjust to the new lay­out and you’ll like it much bet­ter before long).
7. You can now get info on pho­tos from the Light­box with­out hav­ing to zoom them first.
8. We added a menu option to turn geo­t­ag­ging on and off.
9. You can now tap-and-hold most but­tons to dis­play an asso­ci­at­ed action sheet with addi­tion­al options.
10. The Copy but­ton has been removed from the zoomed pho­to tool­bar and has been replaced as a tap-and-hold pop­up.
11. We fixed a bug where pho­to pre­views were incor­rect when an effect on them was set to a lev­el less than 100%.
12. Loca­tion ser­vices are now only active when you’re in the cam­era view, sav­ing pre­cious bat­tery life (thanks, jL Fotog­ra­phy).
13. Geo­t­ags and meta­da­ta are now retained when email­ing pho­tos.
14. The Pin­hole effect has been dra­mat­i­cal­ly improved.
15. We’ve improved the qual­i­ty of sev­er­al of the effects.
16 Vin­tage, Off­set, Film, and Sprock­ets bor­ders have been improved.
17. Most of the ana­log-style effects have more of a ran­dom feel to them now.
18. We fixed a bug where some peo­ple were hav­ing trou­ble shar­ing their pho­tos on The­Face­Book.

And there are many, many oth­er minor improve­ments and bug fix­es in this release.

You can check out Cam­era+ at the app store (cur­rent­ly on sale).